Wedding Day Photo Tips

Make a photographer’s life easier in a wedding: Tips from a Dublin Based wedding photographer

A wedding is a happy event in everybody’s life. More the smiling faces, higher the success rate of a wedding. One way to make your friends and family members happy is by making them to pose for a camera and acquire a beautiful photograph of them to preserve in your wedding album. You could as well send them the photographs across the social websites. Besides, you could see the smile, involuntarily appearing on the faces of your kith and kin, when they stand before a camera. Though you try hard to make sure that you missed nobody in your wedding to get clicked, but when you hold a wedding album in your hand you would find that you missed a member or two of your family. To avoid this you have to make sure that the photographer at your wedding gets everybody in his equipment. There are several ways to make sure that you missed nobody and Dublin wedding photographers have a few suggestions for you to accomplish that.

The address

The first thing to do when you assign a photographer for your wedding is to give him the exact address of your wedding place so that he should not miss any event of your wedding.


A professional camera consumes lot of power and needs charging time to time if the wedding session is long. It is advised for the wedding family to give a good accommodation to the photographer so that he can keep his equipment and other accessories in an assigned place. A good place not only makes sure that the equipments are safe but also keeps a photographers mind at peace, making him concentrate on the work than on his equipments.

Assign an assistant

The best way to make a photographer get acquainted with important members of your family and friends is to give him an assistant who knows everybody from your family. A maid, a servant, a friend or a junior member of your family might serve the purpose of an assistant. If the assigned member knows photography or he is interested in that profession, then it would certainly give him a wonderful experience.